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This is a high titania type of welding electrode for mild steel. It is widely used for welding sheets of ships, rolling stocks and automobiles, for ornamental surfacing of thick plates

Shielded metal arc welding of general heavy structural steels for ships, buildings, bridges and pressure vessels made of mild steel. For welding of heavy-duty structures and heavy plates.

Characteristics on usage
- LB-26 is a low hydrogen type covered electrode containing iron powder in its coating so that the welding efficiency can be improved.
- The weld metal provides good X-ray soundness and mechanical properties.
- The welding in all positions can be easily done with the good usability of stable arc, good slag removability and good bead appearance.

Notes on usage
- Dry the electrodes at 300-350° C for 30-60 minutes before use.
- Take the back step method or strike the arc on a small steel plate prepared to prevent blowholes at the arc starting.
- Keep the arc as short as possible.

Characteristics on usage
- RB-26 is a high titania type covered electrode which makes it possible to do vertical downward welding with diameters up to 5.0mm.
- The arc is stable with little spatter and lustrous bead can be obtained.
- RB-26 is most suitable for welding the structures, which need vertical downward welding in particular while it is suitable for welding steel sheets and light structures because of shallow penetration.

Notes on usage
- In the case of vertical downward welding, manipulate the electrode keeping its tip in contact with mother plate as shown in the sketch.
- Pay attention not to exceed the range of proper currents. Welding with excessive current not only lower X-ray soundness, but also causes increase of spatter, undercut and insufficient slag covering.
- Dry the electrodes at 70-100° C for 30-60 minutes before use. Excessive moisture absorption lower usability and may result in some porosities.
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